Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Tortilla Tuna Melt

I created the Tortilla Tuna Melt a while ago in an attempt to eat something healthy. I'm not sure exactly how healthy this is but it tastes great.

Here's what you need:
2 cans of Tuna
1 Tortilla
Cheddar cheese

Empty the water out of the tuna cans and then put the tuna in a bowl. Add a large spoonful of mayo to the tuna and mix it up.

Now "cut the cheese."

Put the sliced cheese on the open tortilla and start warming it up.

Once the tortilla becomes softer and warm, spoon the tuna mixture onto one side of the tortilla.
Now fold over the tortilla and continue to cook it until both sides are golden brown.

NOTE: This will require that you flip the Tortilla Tuna Melt over on each side in order to cook

Once you've cooked both sides evenly, remove the Tortilla Tuna Melt from heat and enjoy!


Cristin said...

Is everything you make going to involve a tortilla?

Just kidding... but you do eat a lot like Erik. I wonder if it's a guy thing.

Jake said...

Of course it's a guy thing! That's what this site is all about. Man food. I'm out to prove that simple man food deserves the culinary respect that regular food gets.

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