Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Delgado Slim

All right, I want to thank Juan Carlos Yanez for working so hard 9 years ago to convince me to try his wonderful creation, which I have since named: The Delgado Slim.

Here's what you need people:
One hot dog (I used a ball park frank because they're endorsed by his airness himself Michael Jordan and yes, you will jump higher if you eat this hot dog).
One tortilla
Some cheese (I used medium Cheddar).

First, select your dog and place it on a microwave safe plate. Microwave that frank for 30 seconds.
While you're microwaving the dog, shred some cheese.

When your dog comes out of the microwave it may look a little deformed, like when Bruce Banner turns into the Incredible Hulk. Don't worry it just makes it more manly and full of flavor that way.
Now take the dog and place it on the tortilla towards one side. Cover it with the shredded cheese and microwave the whole thing for 30 more seconds.

This may look weird but trust me, it's awesome.

Remove it form the microwave and add a line of ketchup parallel to the dog, roll that sucker up, and enjoy!
Now there is one known variation to the Delgado Slim. If you use Bar S brand Turkey Dog, it becomes a Gordo Fatty Monstro. I lived off of the Delgado Slim for 3 months in the bad part of El Paso Texas. I love this food!


Cristin said...

Is everything you cook going to revolve around some sort of hot dog?

Jake said...